Sunday, November 28, 2010

New thing for Sundays

As I was turning the corner to go upstairs to bed last night, something I saw struck me.  See the photo below.

This inspired me to start something I'm going to call (for now) "My life as a photo"  .... The one you are about to see seems to sum up my & C's life  :)

We only have 3 dogs, yet we have 4 leashes & collars.  Which is representative of our lifestyle.  We have 14 of EVERYTHING!! It cracks me up.  And then, the aqua front door...which I recently painted that color.  I don't like to do things normal, expected.  So here ya go!  Can't wait to see what picture sums us up next week! What about you?  If you took a picture to encapsulate your life at the moment, what would be in it?

Outfits for boots, 2!!

Hiiiiii!!!!!!  So.  Don't judge. I had to take pictures, of myself lol :) and once I was loading them onto my computer.... I saw how dusty my mirror is!!!!  Ooooooopppppsssss....! So I immediately cleaned it, however, pictures were done. So.  Here ya go~

These are the tall felt-ish boots with the ties at the top~ 

Oh yes, boots & shorts! I do it all the time. These are dark brown, cowboy/pirate style with a little heel. 

(yes, I blurred the top on purpose... So dusty!! haha.. I also enhanced the color so the background looks yellow...its really white :) but the leggings are dark teal.. I wanted that to show..)

Sorry about my *wonderful* photography skills, wink wink.  :) Anyway, I kept my promise! ;) here are outfits with boots.  As I wear more, I'll take (better) pictures and post them.  I'm  hoping to get a better camera for Christmas, hint hint to my loved ones reading this!!  :D
But my favorite thing with boots, is your own personal style.  Take Risks! Be Creative! Just try it.  You will surprise yourself  :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Final (? maybe... lol) of the closet diaries~

The Closet Diaries, part3

So along with good lighting, you need good mirrors.  Ok, maybe great mirrors.  And I recommend more than one~  You need to make your closet inviting.  If you have space, put a chair or a stool.  Add artwork.  Paint the walls.  I wish I had a picture, but the first apartment C & I lived in had two closets in the master--side by side.  Small, but workable.  Anyway, I painted the insides bright pink, fuchsia if you will.  SOOOO fabulous.  He didn’t even mind!  That’s one of the reasons I knew I had a good one :)

Add pieces of furniture for functionality but make sure they’re pleasing to the eye also.  I have an old tall dresser we bought for $10 at a thrift store a looooong time ago, that I am redoing in black & White zebra paper on the drawers, and high gloss black paint everywhere else.  I like dramatic :) :)
You know the Victoria’s Secret dressing rooms when they went to all black & white? (I couldn't find any pictures!!! I guess I'll just have to go there and take some myself ...darn ;) I'll post as soon as I take them!)  Pictures, paint and all, and they had neon lights on the mirrors in the actual rooms that said “sexy” or “beautiful”...I think they had some stripes going on and pops of hot pink. I always said I loved that look...and my closet would one day be similar... so here’s my chance! Which is where I came up with the dresser look~ Ok so the point IS make your closet somewhere you want to be, make it a reflection of you. 
And of course, it’s ok if it doesn’t happen quickly, like in one weekend.  Actually it’s probably better if it doesn’t.  That way you can have time to live with the small changes first, see what you want to change and all that~
Then it's time to edit/rearrange your wardrobe.  See today's earlier post on how to edit!  As far as rearranging, make it work for you.  And with this, the organizational tools need to be what works for you, too.  Ikea lets you design a closet you can see the functionality and the aesthetic elements that work for you.  Then you can either buy from them, of course, or see what you can find that is similar, maybe cheaper~  As the first closet post said, it is ALL preference. Do you hang your jeans? If so, maybe you need a low bar to hang them folded over on hangers to preserve space.  Do you fold your sweaters? Ok, maybe you need shelves to t-shirt fold and stack them--by color, of course :)

Oh, which reminds me of something.... Now, I always organize my closet by colors, from white to black.  It's just pleasing to my eyes when I walk in and I know where to go if I'm in a red shirt kind of mood.  However, some people like to group like with like.  I'm one of those people who have the same shirt in 14 colors, so if you dress by knowing what kind of shirt you want to wear, maybe this style of organization is for you!

Anyway~ point is, tailor it to YOU!!! & have F.U.N. with it.  It is just a closet after all, it doesn't need to be all serious~  I'll keep you updated as I redo mine!!! And tomorrow, I will **finally** post some more boot outfits! :) :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures~ I can't get the upload tool to work!!!!!! :( :(

More of the closet diaries!

wooden hanger


If you're craving change, start with your closet. It holds the clues to your inner self — to all your selves. Who you are right now. Who you were. Who you dream of being. By shedding and getting it current, you're poised to change your whole life.


Not long ago, I shed most of the clothes in my closet. I asked three questions of each garment: Do I love it? Is it flattering? Is it the image I want to project: receptive, strong, sexy? Before I knew it, my closet was 80 percent empty. There was a sense of movement in my new open space that was like ocean air drifting through. Everything felt light and fresh and clean. That night I slept better than I had in years.


You're gripped by the feeling that there's something more you want, but you don't know exactly what it is. It's a glimmer in your mind that's vaguely pulling you forward — a deep-seated wish, a buried dream rattling around inside.
What you want feels out of reach. You wonder if you'll be able to pull it off — or if you have what it takes or if you really deserve it.
You're feeling weighed down by something that's preventing you from moving forward.


SHED is about far more than just throwing things out. It involves 4 steps:
  • SEPARATE the treasures — identify the gems that are worth hanging on to.
  • HEAVE the trash — eliminate what's weighing you down.
  • EMBRACE your identity — connect to who you are without all your stuff.
  • DRIVE yourself forward — explore the direction that connects to your genuine self.


1. You organize to become more efficient. You SHED to get unstuck.
2. Organizing gives you access to what's most important to you. SHEDing is a process for discovering what's most important to you.
3. It's possible to get organized without getting rid of anything. It's impossible to SHED without letting things go.


A Zen parable tells of a wanderer on a lonely road who came upon a torrential river that had washed out the bridge. So he built a solid and heavy raft, which carried him safely across to the other bank. "This is a good raft," he thought. "If there's another river ahead, I can use it." And he carried it for the rest of his life. How often do we hang onto things that served us well at one point in our lives but are no longer relevant or useful? Clutter is something that no longer serves you.


Does your closet feel stagnant? Does it make you feel guilty or overwhelmed or burdened? Does it deplete your energy? It's cluttered.


The reality is, no one lets go into a vacuum — no one lets go of anything without reaching for something else. But if you don't know what you're reaching for, you won't let go. The solution is to come up with a theme. Take the pressure off yourself. Stop trying to figure out exactly what you're going to do next. Instead, define what the next chapter in your life is going to feel like. What part of you do you want to express? Freedom? Creativity? Intimacy? Serenity? Balance? That's your theme. When you get the right word — the right theme — it mobilizes you to move forward. It gives you something exciting to create space for.


If you do all your thinking on paper first, decluttering your closet can be incredibly fast and painless. Ask yourself: If all of this were to be gone tomorrow, what would I miss? Write your answers on a sticky note and post them on the wall. Keep referring to it while you sort and shed. The first half hour will be slowgoing until you get a rhythm going. Then it speeds up: It really takes only 3 to 4 hours, on average, to finish.


You need energy and enthusiasm when you SHED. Weekends are a good time; late nights are not. Open the windows and get some fresh air in the room. Make yourself a refreshing drink. Play music that fuels you. Now, focus. You're going to be making a lot of decisions: You're getting ready to cleanse.


Decide in advance who'll get your castoffs: a charity, a shelter for homeless women, Dress for Success, your sister. Have a box or shopping bag for each organization or person you're giving things to — and for what you'll toss.


When you're unsure of whether you're ready to part with something, ask yourself: What has more value to me? This object, or the cleared space?


Arrange everything you're keeping in a way that makes it easy to find things and put them away. Organize your closet into zones. By garment type, by season, by occasion (work, casual, dressy).


Treasures are practical or sentimental items that are worth holding on to. A practical treasure is that perfect little black dress that works for you every time. Sentimental treasures are fair game — the threadbare cardigan you wore all through college, the vinyl handbag your grandmother gave you for your 13th birthday. Ask yourself: Is this the best and most important reminder of that time in my life, or person I knew, that I own?


About 75 percent of the way through decluttering your closet, WHAM! You'll suddenly be overwhelmed by all that open space: What am I going to fill the emptiness with? Who am I without my stuff? Your impulse will be to retrieve what you just tossed, or rush to fill the space with ANYTHING new. Don't. This is a true breakthrough moment: It's your chance to detach your identity from your things, and remind yourself that you are who you are, no matter what you own. The good news is that it doesn't last long. Once you get to the other side of the panic, you'll experience an extraordinary sense of calm, self-confidence, and freedom.


Clothes that don't fit, and will be out of style by the time you hope they fit again. Give them away!
Clothes that are stained, torn, or have lost their shape. Toss 'em!
Shoes that hurt your feet. If you've never worn them, give them away. Otherwise, throw them out!
Outdated handbags, belts, and scarves. Donate them!


I can't tell you how important it is to house your clothes with dignity. Toss those flimsy wire hangers that get twisted and mangled. It's worth every penny to buy wood or padded hangers, quality hooks, and containers. Don't mix styles — plastic bins for T-shirts, baskets for handbags. Keep it unified and simple. You want everything to be so aesthetically pleasing that going into your closet every day is a joy.

 I added these gorgeous pictures of closets because I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of huge, fabulous closets that are bigger than my whole house! However, it can be done with smaller closets too!!  I love love love the three top pics, and the middle two look to be just a plain ol' flat closet that used to have bifold doors! A-ma-zing!!!

Happy closet-ing~ :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


I have at least two posts ready to go, and a few more in the works... however, I thought since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I should write about that :)
This is my view as I'm writing to you:

What did I do today? Clean, clean, clean, & decorate.  Whew, I'm exhausted!

Anywho~  While I like to stop and breathe and be thankful all year long, of course it is more in the front of everyone's minds in the fourth week of November. 
We had a great day at my mom's yesterday.  Ate too much of course~ But oh well! My sister & her husband and two dogs came down for the week from NC, so that was fun!
What I am thankful for (in no particular order!):
My 3 crazy dachshunds,
C, my love, for putting up with me, dealing with me, and helping me through~
the fact that even though we never have as much in the bank as we would like, and don't make what we would prefer, we never go without and live a pretty fabulous life,
in line with the above...despite wondering how everything was going to get paid sometimes, the fact that I can still shop, no matter how frugally :)  (whole post on that, coming soon!!)
my Family,
faith, hope & love,
my friends (who are like family),
the Gators :)
& you!

Annnddddd.... take two~ ;)

Of course, I could go on alllllll day, but I won't bore you with all that! Speaking of, (ok, well, not really lol...but I just thought of this, soooooo....) I stumbled across The Happiness Project and LOVE some of her ideas.  Perhaps my favorite being the one sentence journal.  Go read & check it out~

I hope everyone had a most fabulous Thanksgiving and you all got a lot of great deals if you took part in Black Friday... I did very very little of that today, it was waaaaayyyyy to crazy!! Until next time, happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outfits for boots, 1!

Hi y'all!! Finally.... a boots outfit :) I told ya I'd do it!  It's been a crazy weekend~ I've been so so so busy... and I had a 4 day weekend....thought I'd get everything done..HA!
So... Here ya go~ First of all, let me say, this was for the Gator game Saturday night..which I went to..and they broke my heart :( But, that's ok! There's always next year, and like I've been saying, if we had to lose at least it was to Spurrier.

So, as you can see, I love leggings! :) It was warmer during the day and was going to be cool at night so I though paired with my favorite boots, it would be perfect!  The shirt is from Forever21 from about 5 years ago...I just can't ever get rid of anything that is Gator blue or orange... I know I'll use sometime later! :) :) So anyway.... It's a one shoulder shirt with very small silver studs around the sleeve and all around down the neckline and under my left arm.  I LOVE that shirt~  I threw on a skinny orange belt, also from Forever21... I mean, who can resist that store? with those prices?! Seriously, $5.80 for that belt I think, I mean I've had it for over a year (never worn it..surprise surprise!) but it wasn't more than $6. Fabulous!  I got a lot of compliments on this outfit~ I'm not the jeans and t-shirt to a football game type, clearly.  I've always got to add something to it! Sorry about the iPhone pics, I couldn't find my camera!! Then on the way to the game, I found it in my car..oops!!!  Also please excuse the disaster of a bedroom behind me... its getting redecorated, hooray!! More on that later!
Hope your weekend was great~ I'll keep posting more boot outfits, promise.  But I'll probably tell you about my $6 wardrobe update next.....! :) How do I do that you wonder? Wait & see!!!

Happy shopping!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

What you need for a FABULOUS closet~

So I know I said I'd write about (and show pictures of) outfit ideas to wear with boots, and I will, I promise.  But, since we just moved (yes, again :) ) and have a close with great bones, I decided I'd share what makes a closet great. (PS: so this is not the longest post Ever, this will be broken down in to two, possibly three, posts...I mean, this IS super important!) =D

Well, first, of course, you need functionality.  Space would be great, but even a small closet can be fabulous.  See below~

You have to sit down and decide what your needs are.  Not everyone's will be the same.  Do you hang or fold sweaters? Do you have a lot of belts and/or ties (or does your husband, boyfriend, etc)? Do you, like me, have a ton of shoes? Do you have 16 pairs of the same pants in different colors (i.e. Express Editors) and that's just one style, not to mention 47 pairs of jeans, and 15 pairs of linen pants :) ---all that, by the way, describes my closet.... I know, I know, I have a problem~

Lighting, lighting, lighting!!! I mean, really, do you want to get up and get dressed in what you feel is a most fab outfit, only to look in your full length mirror in your closet and be met with gross fluorescent, yellow lighting? Which will most likely not flatter you, wash you out, and not show the true colors of whatever it is you're wearing.  NO!  So, think this one through.  What's going in my closet? Well, I'm glad you asked :)
Well, I can't seem to get the pic upload to work, so if you go to my mom's blog, and scroll down, you'll see it.  It's a brass chandelier with a big crystal ball in the middle.... Anyway, imagine that baby painted either bright white or hot pink (depending on what color I decide for the walls) with 60 watt WHITE light light bulbs.... ahhhhhhhhh!!! I can hear the angels singing~ :) 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Confession.....! (& an underwear post :) )

Ok, I have a confession I just HAVE to share :)   I not only have a thing for boots (and from the pictures, you can see, any type of shoe).... but also with underwear.  I used to say something along the lines of "Well, it always fits and if they're something fun, they're going to make you smile at least a few times a day"... Weird, I know.  I realized one day, however, the "always fits" part isn't always true.  But I digress~ I mean, I have so many pairs its ridiculous.  One time when I was moving, I stored some boxes at my moms... She, for whatever reason :) , was going through some and called me, panicked "Ash, how do you have any underwear with you for the week?! I've just counted about 60 something pairs...and I didn't count them all!"  I laughed and responded "well, I have about 30 pairs with me... I think they are something like 200 altogether."  :) :) :) :)

Well, the point of this is..... Let me just share with you what I've found. 




Let me just say, previously, I had zero problem paying $10, $15 for a pair from VS or wherever.  Several months back I bought a bra from VS and it came with a free pair of their new "lacie" thongs.  I loved them and kept saying I was going to go get more.. they are $12.50, but 3/$30.  Everytime I went in there, I got sidetracked and ended up with other kinds.... lots of Pink brand and several UF pairs :) 
Well, one shopping day, I walked into ForLove 21 (Forever 21's accessories line) looking for nothing in particular when I stumbled upon the above.  I just about shrieked in the store.  They.Are.Identical to the pricier version.  I bought every color they had that day and asked if they would get more in.  Today was my third time in and I always buy all the available colors.  I even went through the new shipment today to get those colors.  I was SO thrilled! I mean, $2.50 really?!  LOVE it!!!! 
Anyway, if you want the most comfortable pair of undies you will ever wear... Run, don't walk, to ForLove 21 (or get 'em online, I'm assuming they are available there, too). Seriously, you will also be in love!

**Sorry to devote a whole post to this, clearly you can see my love for panties! :) I even posted about them on facebook once, on a Gator game day, so you know they were important! ;)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boots, Boots, & more Boots!

So while reading A Diary of Lovely, as I do everyday, yesterday, she had a post all about her boots.  She said she copied from an old blogpost of someone else.  Well, as you all know, I have a slight obsession with boots :)   After I submitted my link into her linky party (go visit the others, its fun! Get some inspiration!)   I was putting shoes away since we just moved, and started thinking... I'll do something similar!! Now, my photography & boot standing-up skills are nowhere near Helena's.... Here ya go!!

 Now, I'm currently missing at LEAST 3 pairs... and those are only the ones that I know about! :) :) told ya, obsession!!  Currently, I'm on the look out for a dark blue pair, and possibly a Gator blue pair.. I'll let you know when I find them!

I LOVE boots with details~  These to the left are suede and just over the knee with a wrap around tie~  They are so fabulous!

And I love boots with buckles, a la biker type boots.  I have similar pairs in both black and brown.  As you can see, one of my doxies, Peonie, wanted to be in the picture!

So~ do you love boots like I do? What do you wear with yours?
Stay tuned, I think for this week I'll showcase outfits to wear with boots!
Also.... some exciting news! Since we moved, my closet it getting an instant update (as in LOTS more space!).  Just wait to see what I do with/to it!  :) :) :)

Happy boot shopping!