Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the 3P's

Meet 3 of the 4 loves of my life

Aren't they just the cutest?!  And... Here are some more for your viewing pleasure~ :)  Just some of them being their silly selves!

  And a few of me & C just for fun!  So now you can picture who I'm talking (typing) about! :)  
The week is half over! Have a great rest of it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping for a destination wedding! (& spring, sort of~)

When I was in Chicago, we ran into J.Crew (which the closest one to us is either Jacksonville or Orlando)... aaaannndddd.... I fell in love with the spring line (or maybe pre-spring?).  It got me thinking (more about) spring clothes, which I seem to love every year especially with the nautical details and all the colors. I picked a few pieces that I will order (or drive & buy) in a few weeks.. Like these jeans, and white pants~  (PS the jcrew website is not all that fabulous, i.e. they don't have everything I saw in the store on there) and if you go into the store you can get the whole feel of what I loved..  for example, they showed shrunken spring-y blazers over bathing suits on mannequins, with jewelry and hats.  I LOVE!!!  I may do this on a cruise C and I are going on in April, for my very dear friend's (Alexandria, who is Paisley's godmother :) ) cruise/destination wedding in the Bahamas. 
Which brings me to the catalyst for this post.... I cannot, will not, wait til the Monday before we leave (on a Thursday) to start trying to find either within my own clothes vault or shop for the pieces I need.  Here's some of what I have in mind...

A little wintry, but thrown over a bathing suit to go out at night in the Bahamas~ Could be Fab

For the ceremony?

Love love love.  I think I need in both blue & black.

or maybe this for the ceremony~

I don't know why I would need this in the Bahamas, I just love it~  The one shoulder, ruffles, and military styling... ahhhhh be still my heart~ <3

J Crew.  Want in every color.  Or maybe... I'll stick with the F21 version.. for $3.50... :) 
In both denim & white

Good news... I already have this! yay!!  With cutoffs...prob in white~

Love it

with camel colored wedges, so cute~

So as you can see.... lots of neutrals, and lots of color! lol :D  and of course these pieces can/will be used throughout spring and summer...with the other pieces I add as the months go by :)  I have a few other warm (ok, HOT) trips I want to take, and this way I won't have to buy everything.new.again  just add a few things to tailor the wardrobe for the location.   What's not shown above are a few pair of linen pants, linen shorts, and bathing suits.  I have a few suits that I will be ordering shortly from VS (total for one of them is $5!!! can you believe it?!)  I'll share those later.
What will you be wearing this spring?
Happy shopping!! xoxo

Shopping in Chicago!!

So I spent the half of last week in Chicago for work.  I.LOVED.it (minus the freezing weather).  The shopping on Michigan Avenue, which is also where we stayed, is fabulous!
Here's some of what I bought:
Only mine is Navy blue, not black~ Perfect for UF games!!

With melon instead of turquoise

these sports bras for $6.80!!!

again, mine is melon not turquoise

All the above is from Forever21.  Y'all know how much I love that store.  I'm surprised I didn't buy more, I guess it was because I know there is one here! :) However, ours here does NOT have 'activewear' so I kinda stocked up.... I feel like I should have bought more though!!! Oh well, I can always order online :)

And from a HUGE and gorgeous Victoria's Secret I bought...

You know I have an underwear obsession :)  I bought a few more but couldn't find pics of them~  Since my favorite are currently the fake 'laci' from ForLove21, I bought ones from VS that are funny.  They had SO much stuff! I was in heaven... However  that is another store we have here, of course :)
Oh! And... I found the cutest cropped T at H&M! They don't have an online store so I couldn't find a stock photo of it, and once I get home this afternoon I'll take a pic of it and post it.  It's cream and has a looooonnnngggg dachshund wrapping around from the front to the back--and since I'm a devoted mom to three doxies, you know I HAD to have it!!  It's a size 6 and a few sizes to big, but whatev~ it's supposed to fit loose so I'll go with it =) 

I'll leave you with a few pictures from Chicago~
Have a great day!

These signs were everywhere!! They cracked me up~

From the top of the John Hancock Building (96th floor)  Had the best martini...in a swaying building!~ Sorry about the flash :)

Day 1-- shopping on Michigan Ave.... with all the snow

The best.pizza.EVER.  at Giordano's

Landing Monday morning~