Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things I love, for fall~

 Ok, so I should've named the previous post "what do you NOT love?" and this one "what do you love?"  Oops! :) 

Things I’m loving for fall...
BOOTS! all kinds, short, tall, booties, with embellishments, plain, military, riding.... etc etc etc
Here is a picture of my most recent pair, keep in mind I have over 20 pairs.... No, seriously~ :)

leggings: plain, ‘dressed up’ & tights

chunky jewelry..and lots of it.  piles of necklaces.
--mixing metals. in jewelry and decor

Colors: cobalt blue--ie,gator blue... I can still rep my team and be stylish :) , camel, rich jewel tones

“riding” style pants.


crisp, well fitting, fabulous white button down.

Sweaters: long, short sleeved, etc.

Oversized, gym-like sweat-like shirts, probably off the shoulder a la "flashdance" :)

Turtlenecks, but not like your grandmothers turtlenecks~ ;)

Vests.  I really like these all the time but it’s easier to do in the fall  ...especially in Florida, where the weather makes putting on more layers unbearable!

So, what are your favorite things for fall?? 

Friday, October 22, 2010

What do you love?

On my way to work this morning, I was half-listening to the radio, half mentally going through my closet.  The radio show was talking about some fashion person (don't know who! Like I said, I was only half listening :) ) who put out a list of good trends and things they hate.  A few from that:
  • fringed anything (i.e. jeans that are too long and now ripped and dragging)
  • shapeless, "I give up" dress--he said it is one of the WORST pieces of clothing ever created, along with white cross trainers  lol
  • the 'whale-tail'-- you know, thong stickin' up out of pants  (I have to agree on this..Hate it!)
So then the host was asking the others on the show what they hated... One of the guys said the half-sweater things for gals.  That got me thinking.... I have a few of those in my closet.  And done right, they can not only be really cute, but practical! (And yes, I can rationalize everything when it comes to clothes!!) But, what is it that you can't stand to see people wear?  And what is it that you love? 

Happy Friday!