Friday, June 28, 2013

Jan. 5, 2013 (part 2)

We're coming up on our 6 month wedding anniversary and it's made me a bit sappy. :)

I was truly blessed to have married my best friend.  While he drives me the most crazy, he also makes me the most happy.  He strives to make me smile, feel loved & appreciated.  I was told that our vows were some of the sweetest people had heard (we, obviously, wrote our own).

Here are some (of the 1000!!!) pictures from preceremony & the ceremony.

Images taken by Julie Paisley Photography.

 My Peonie!!

 Paisley <3

 I have the zoomed out version of this blown up in our bedroom
Some of my most cherished photos are these Julie captured with my & our girls!
My sister & matron of honor helping lace up my dress

 We got married outside on the most beautiful salt marsh. Think "the Notebook"

 My Meme

 C doesn't love this picture...I do. This is when he saw me.
My brother sang "I'll be seeing you" as I walked down the aisle. C said he didn't even hear it because everything else went away when he saw me coming.  It is a song that is very dear to us~

 Gorgeous light.

 My mom made the sign

 I couldn't get enough <3

 As I read my vows to him, I couldn't help but touch him

Next up: the party!! The reception 


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

January 5, 2013

You saw when we got engaged, on my birthday.

Well. We got married January 5!! Yes, it was just a five month engagement. Our wedding day was our five year anniversary. Why wait? It was the perfect date...and day.

Today you'll see the details

 Since our girls couldn't be there with us, I wore this to honor them!

My bouquet. My very favorite flowers--ever. Peonies! (I mean, my middle dachshund is named after this flower!)

 Mine & bridesmaids bouquets. I did all the flowers myself.

My garter. I had a duplicate made so I could keep one. It was, of course, orange & blue!! Go Gators!

Cutest thing ever, yes?
 Throw bouquet... in orange & blue!

This is how we honored our loved ones. Both those that were able to be with us, and those that were not.

Best.cake.ever. & yes, that is a paisley layer on top!

Chick-fil-a is my favorite.ever! So we had nuggets as a passed hors d'ouevre. :)

The majority of this wedding was DIY. It was done on a small budget..and we had a fantastic day. While there are things I would do differently, I would not change the budget or how we did it all!
And that is the details! Next, ceremony!