Thursday, May 23, 2013


This romper. I'm not usually a fan of these~ simply because they don't work on me. Usually. 
I saw this in a magazine and went to try it on that day. I really really liked it. However if I turn around you could see that it's a bit too short! I snapped a pic to send to C--who loved it :) and now tomorrow I'm going back to buy it!

It's from American Eagle. $39.50.

And. I found out that a work conference in July is now in VEGAS!!! not Arizona as previously announced. And..yes, it gets better. I'm staying an extra 3 days. C will fly out and we'll have a much needed mini-vacation, positioned perfectly between our birthdays! This romper will come in handy in Vegas 

Tomorrow, I'll let you in on a secret


Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I wore (the last two weeks)

This post is going to have several (ok, lots!) of pictures! Get ready~

But first, let me just say, a huge thank you to everyone who sent prayers and thoughts our way last week... I didn't say anything on here, but my beloved grandfather had open heart triple bypass surgery. His second in nine years. He is ok! Praise the Lord!!! :)

Back to fashion~

Mother's Day 2013

Skirt: The Limited, $79.90; White tank: LOFT, $14.50; Rope belt: Beall's, $14.99; Jewelry: Charlotte Russe & Charming Charlie: $13.00 and $8.50

It is no secret that I LOVE to mix patterns. I love to have people say "I love it but I could never pull that off"--then I know I've done it right! :) I then reply to those who say that "of course you can. You have to do it and own it". While you can't see the scarf print well, it is this fantastic plaid, reminiscent of J. Crew or Tommy Hilfiger....but in bright colors. So so cute
Scarf: LOFT $34.50; 'Pretty Paisley' tank: LOFT, $19.50; lime green tank: LOFT $14.50, navy sailor shorts: Target, $17.99; nude t-strap sandals: LOFT, $29.50

 These pants combine two of my favorite things: orange & blue and paisley!!! and they're linen. Stop, pants. You got me~ So fab! This shirt I love. I've had it for a few years and actually have in orange too. It has gold buttons going down the shoulders. It fits fantastically.
 Linen trousers: LOFT, $79.50; brown wedges: Wet Seal, $25.00 (years ago); White vneck 3/4 sleeve top: Gap, $39.50

Remember this post? When I bought these items? Here is how I wore it~ 
added a sand colored tank and the same color shoes.  I have so many other ideas for these pieces! I just love them.  Good buys.
Tank: LOFT, $14.50

I bought this shirt the same day I bought the pieces in the last pic, and just like the above, I love this!
I added a scarf in a different paisley print (surprise surprise) but had the same colors, my favorite white jeans, and salmon wedges.
Scarf: Forever21, $10.80; Jeans: white skinny ankle LOFT, $59.50; Shoes: Charlotte Russe, $39.50

I have had this skirt for a few weeks (like 6). I can't find anything I love to put with it, so this is what I did quickly one morning.
Sherbert colored tank: LOFT $14.50 (yes I have a ton of these tanks!); Belt: Forever21, $6.80; Scarf: LOFT, $39.50; Skirt: LOFT, $49.50

The first pic is my attempt at a sock bun. Turned out a bit messy, but I went with it. I am not good with my hair!!

Hair barrette: Forever21, $2.80 for 2; Dress: LOFT, $89.50; open cardigan, LOFT: $49.50; sandals: LOFT, $39.50; Necklace: Express, $34.50 (seriously, that necklace is about 7 years old)

 Orange & blue again!  So this shirt. I have had it for a while--like 1-2 years. Thought I loved it...decided this day that I wore, I actually do not. I may be going in the donate pile. However, people all day wanted my outfit..

Top: NY&Co, $24.50; Linen trousers: $79.50; shoes: Old Navy, $25.00.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm obsessed

Ok so here are a few of my favorite things right now. "Favorite" may not even be strong enough for some of these things!  If you ask C everything is my favorite :) But I say, that means I just love life...! right?! 

This gorgeous beach. We live about 5 miles from here~ 10 minutes from my door to laying here! FABULOUS!! Don't be jealous, come visit! I learned how to make'll share :)

 This face. Piper. So so so sweet. I'm obsessed with her sisters, Paisley & Peonie, too, of course.

I joined Birchbox last month. Samples delivered every month? yes please! 
I'll review this month's box later.

Lilly Pulitzer. I'm loving all things Lilly right now. Don't know what spurred it but this is my latest purchase. Keychain USB in (what else) a gator!

Smellbent. I read about this somewhere so I ordered a sample. And immediately ordered a full size.
The scent is called St. Tropez Dispenser. It smells like heaven. I've been looking for a perfect beachy body spray/perfume, and this IS IT! Not overly coconutty--just perfect.  $45 for the big bottle.
Another reason I love this little LA company.  Hand written thank you's with every order.
I'm telling you, go order a sample. You'll thank me.

I've been a crazy person recently-so busy I can't even think!!  A new "What I Bought'" coming soon!


**ps: i was NOT paid or given anything to talk about these products. They really are all my favorite things :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I bought this (last) week~

I forgot how difficult it is to blog! I forget to take the pictures I need; I have a great idea for a post and am in the middle of my work day and can't write it down...when I get home and finally sit down, my dogs (sweet sweet babies!) want ALL of my time. Half the time they are in my lap, making it IMPOSSIBLE to put a laptop there and blog!!! But I WANT to blog! I really do! Please bear with me as I get into the swing of things. New camera will be here soon!!

So, a (probably) weekly feature will be: What I Bought --to see what's been added to me ever-expanding wardrobe this week~  Later posts will I'm sure show you how I put things together. 
Ok last week I went to Ann Taylor and Forever21.  Below are a few of the things I bought


Shorts: $15.80; skirts: $17.80, and yes, they are the same skirt...two colors! I couldn't help myself.. it's paisley!  lace top: $12.80. I promise this shirt is way cuter in person than on that model.

Ann Taylor

Flyaway sweater: $68.00; Striped top: $58.00; Floral shorts: $58.00; Paisley top: $68.00

That sweater is one of my new favorite items of closing. So much can be done with it! I'm going to tie the tails one day over white skinny ankle jeans I think. Cute, no?

Next...What I wore this (last) week!
Hint: there was one day that went crazy for my outfit...To me, it was cute but not anything spectacular---it was the blue & white striped AT top & white F21 eyelet shorts

Until tomorrow (?)