Friday, May 27, 2011

70's Dreamin'~

no, not the decade.  Ok, well maybe the decade a little {I am reading Steven Tyler's new book afterall....}..but the weather!  Why is it when it's cold out I'm wishing it was 95 and when it's 100 I'm drooling over 60's-70's wardrobes.~  Ughhhh.....
Lately all I seem to be Pinning is this type of outfit!!  Take a look..

I would add boots w/ cute white & gray socks that peek over the top
Looks comfy to travel in

for running around, staying warm, and still looking fab.

Right?!  I just can't help it.. I want to wear all of these now!!! But the steamy {read: incredibly humid!} southern summers don't always lend themselves to that....!  :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yo ho, yo ho....

A Pirates life for me~ 

So.  Saw the new Pirates 12:01 Friday AM.  Yes, C went with me.  He's good :) 
And it was SUCH a good movie!  A little weird, a little dark.  And Captain Jack was a little too clean for a pirate, he needed some more dirt on his face..however, you simply cannot mess up Johnny Depp.

And it got me thinking...ok, obsessed...with pirate-y clothing again.  I mean you know how I feel about military style ... well, I'm that way with pirate style also.  So much so that I was one for halloween several years ago. 

The pirate blouses, corsets, leggings, BOOTS!! hats, big messy hair, lots of eyeliner...  Love love love.

So here's what I'm currently buying...
$39.  It's supposed to be part of a costume but I love it! (go to my pinterest to find source.)

I would absolutely wear this.. minus the headband and gun~ :)

Ditto.  $16.99.  Yeah, getting in like 3 colors.

amiclubwear again.  $26.  Love the brocade

OMG.  This came from a costume site via google but I'm in love,for real.  I know i have way too many boots.. but do you see these?!  Yeah, need.

I already have big jewelry, leggings (of course), hats. etc etc.  It is, however, 100 degrees... so I don't know how piratey I will be getting in the near future...

Oh, speaking of Pirates...
we saw Kenny Chesney recently!!!!  Just love him.  We had a blast.
 Me & C @ pre-concert tailgateCute right?! :)

love these 2... my 'family' from a job several years ago.

"All my friends are pirates.  That's just who I am"

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, I have a crazy week ahead.  The w.h.o.l.e. family is coming to my house {condo} for Mother's Day lunch tomorrow.  I've been cleaning~ and by cleaning I mean scrubbing every.single.hard.surface in this place...and we have wood floors, so there ya go. :)  No biggie, it needed to be done anyway.  Then Monday I'm headed to Austin for a work conference, and flying out super early Thursday to go to Jacksonville for a Kenny Chesney concert {which I'm SUPER excited about!!!}.. stay tuned for pics :)

While riding in the car for 2.5 hours the other day, I made a list of what I'm loving right now.. so I could share with y'all!!  Here you go!

Flats {which is weird because I live in heels--C is 6'5" afterall}
And they're super cute with rolled skinny jeans, crops, etc.
Black diamonds-- no, it's not code for something else :)... I've become obsessed with the jewel.
Maxi dresses~ you all know my plight with these..however, I've found some that work! Hooray! The striped one I ordered yesterday and the red one I bought {for $10!!!!  Both from Forever21}

White. Everything.  Rooms, bedding..which is not that easy with C & 3 wiener girls :)
Office in new house inspiratio

Peonies~ My very favorite

Rings!  Lots of rings.
Tropical-y Clothes.  See Calypso line at Target~ They are simply fabulous, and affordable.

And keeping in line with the above, I'm loving dressing for summer!!

100% totally me.  I LIVE in cutoff jean shorts in summer...and what better to top it off than a blazer! Perfection. This is my new summer uniform.
Pinterest.  Yes, Still.  I'm obsessed.  And sad. The iPhone app is out in a few days...and we got rid of our iphones a few months back... I'm awaiting the Android app announcement!
{check out Pinterest here}

Statement necklaces.  They've always been a fave of mine, but I have a renewed love for them.

I'm So trying this soon... bracelets on a velvet string as a necklace. So fabulous!
Cardigans.  I know, weird.  My mom is a huge fan..of black cardigans.. she probably has 100.  I, however, like ones with color....and patterns.  I make them young, of course :)

Oh, and a new-ish obsession of mine is not paying a lot for groceries.  I have never been one that likes to pay a lot for food because I'd rather spend it on clothes... my sister would die if she read that. We are 100% opposite in that aspect... but anyway.  I search the different grocery stores sale papers and match it with coupons.  it's amazing how much I'm saving!!  It's such a thrill now  :)

So what are you loving now?  And wish me luck for tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Navy...~

Sooo......  I have barely sat down for like 2 weeks.  Even on the weekends! NO, I'm not complaining, juuusssttt sayin'.   so I apologize my 2, or maybe 3, readers :D

Anywho~  Ok. Preview of my {promised} closet makeover!!
Pink chandy!!
Cute right?! Totally me. Totally girly. Yes, I know the bulbs are exposed...and I like it!  It's a little industrial thrown in with the Barbie-esque I like so much!  Wait til you see the rest.. this weekend ;)

And now... More of What I Wore.  And I loved it.  My boss, on the other hand, was like "really? ok...whatev"  He went with it :) Maybe because he didn't have a choice, lol, and maybe because he knows I'm a little off and love love love clothes & fashion etc..and know more about than his butt :) Either way... here ya go

Um, yeah.  Excuse me here.  I'm not used to this whole camera-on-a-timer-self-portrait thing :)  Just hang in there with me please!

{kind of} shirt detail.  buttons had a rhinestone in them. Lots of pleating & ruffles.  Fab-u-lous.  And to think, I forgot I had that shirt!!

Great great great buttons!

Shorts had sailor buttons. 
 Ok, ready for this.  The jacket came from Goodwill! For $5!!!!!!   I brought it home and had it hanging just inside my closet on the right side where "needs to be dry cleaned" stuff hangs for a bit.  C walks in there and goes "where'd you get that jacket" I told him.  Him: "really.  It's a Navy jacket." Me: mouth hanging wide open. Him: "yes, like an actual US Navy jacket."  {you see, he used to be a sailor.  He served our country in the US Navy for 4 years... So he's seen a few of these jackets}  He said it's a Yeoman's jacket (which he had to explain... apparently it's a secretary type.. but whatev  I have a real live NAVY jacket!!!!).  I cannot even express my excitement to know I know owned a for real military jacket.  You know how much I LOOOVVVVEEEE the military style. And $5. Heck.Yes.

So, Jacket {it deserves a capital :) }  $5 Goodwill
      top:  prob $12, Forever21, maybe 3 years ago?
      shorts: $10, Forever21, a month ago
      booties: $9.99 Ross, January-ish

See ya tomorrow!!  :) :) :)