Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I wore

As I type this, it's 68 degrees outside. The windows in my house are open, dinner (white chicken chili) is on the stove, fall candles are burning... they're my favorite ones, all from bath & body works. Y'all, if you haven't smelled Leaves by B&BW yet, run! It!!

Tonight we'll have our first fire in the firepit outside of the of wine in hand. It'll be a wonderful evening.  C has been home for the last two weeks, and will be for the next week and a half. It's been so nice! Usually, he's gone 3-4 nights a week for work. 

Anyway.... here's what I've worn recently!

 You can tell it's football season!! Dress: LOFT, belt: H&M, scarf: stole from my mom :), Shoes: super old from wet seal

Top & Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Belt: I have no clue its so old. Like 7 years old maybe. Skirt: J Crew Factory, jewelry: collected over the years. There is a LOFT & Brighton bracelet there, though.

Top & skirt: LOFT

Ok so I've loved foxes waaaaaay before the song "what does the fox say". I just wanted to clarify :)
Sweater: Ann Taylor; Blackwatch pants: LOFT

 Nothing special about this outfit, but my tee shirt says "My husband's wife is freaking awesome. True story" Hilarious, right?!
Tee:, Yoga crops: old VS Pink

Let me just tell y'all about these pants. The ones below are similar (but from somewhere different..cost more. and I like the orange & blue fit much better). I now have 3 pairs of pants like this. And am ordering another one! They're so so so comfortable and cute. Like fancy yoga pants :)
Tank: LOFT, scarf: from my sister in law, fabulous pants: Blue Lawn Boutique. Go order some. You'll fall in love like I did! I'm sure you'll see these pants pop up here all the time!

Tank: LOFT, necklace: super old, watch: Michael Kors, Pants: Boca Leche

 I would have bought this skirt in every color they had if it came in others.  It felt like wearing yoga pants! (anyone else notice I'm talking a lot about yoga pants? I guess I'm obsessed with being presentable and comfortable lately...!) Plus, the skirt was $12!!!
Top: LOFT, skirt: Forever21, Shoes: Buckle

 Who doesn't love a statement necklace? and one of these embellished sweatshirts and so cute!
Shorts: J Crew, Boots: (they have a cognac colored loooong fleur de lis on the back) Charlotte Russe, Sweatshirt: Forever21 (has sheer black panel in back), White & yellow button down: Target, Necklace: online somewhere..sorry!

Top: LOFT, skirt: Francesca's, Booties: Charlotte Russe
This skirt is fantastic. It holds shape even when it's on the hanger. Generally I would have worn heels with this skirt but at work I need something more comfortable, with my back issues right now. Enter: booties. They add an edge to the outfit and are way more comfortable than a heel!

And that's what I've worn in the last two weeks or so :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall/Holiday Bedroom

I'm thinking of getting some holiday bedding! Much to C's delight..... hahahaha :)

Here's what we currently have:

I clearly didn't take this picture for this reason! Please excuse the mess. My 3 dachshunds (one of which you can  see! that's my Paisley) messed it up about 1.2 seconds after I made the bed this day. Also, we now have to more pillows.. they say Good and Night in the same blue that the euro shams are in.  Anyway,  It's the Bella Paisley duvet from Pottery Barn, white linen sheets, and awning stripe pillowcases..all also from PB. The euro pillows and shams came from JC Penney and total were $45. Great deal~

Here is what I looooooooove for fall and the holidays:
Gorgeous, right?! I mean, minus the fireplace, this could be our room! Similar furniture and color. The aqua medallion sheets and aqua in the duvet match the wall color in our room. I just love it. 
The king duvet is $159, and sheets are $159. If I get a 15% off total purchase coupon....this is being ordered!!

I saw all this in the new PB Bed & Bath mag.  Also in that, the following: 

This is very similar to our bathroom. We need the hardware and faucets. Since we do not currently have hardware on our cabinets, I told C this is what I want! Hooray!  Hopefully that'll happen next weekend :) 

Tomorrow: what I've worn for the last two weeks


Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I learned from putting together 2 chairs

I have had my dining room table for almost 1 year. The table came right after we moved in.  The table, as seen below, was built by my stepdad. He had an inspiration table and measurements from me, and he went to town. My husband painted it white. I went back and forth on what color I wanted....but you can't go wrong with white! We have almost black cabinets, grey walls & countertops. I wanted a coastal-y vibe in the whole white was perfect.

The poor table sat lonely (read: without chairs) for about 10 months...until August! I knew the look I wanted, and it wasn't cookie-cutter, ready made, or something you could see anywhere. Well, and since my table was custom made, I couldn't have something like that anyway!  I searched and searched and searched.....and searched somemore. I spent many nights while C was traveling for work scouring the internet for chairs.  I needed reasonably priced, wanted wicker for the head chairs, and something else for the side.  This took forever.

I saw the head chairs online at World Market one day..and knew they were it. I waited until I had a 15% off coupon and went & bought them! (and put them in my 4 door sedan....I'm still not sure how that happened! C, if you're reading this....we NEED an SUV!!!)
The side by the window will house a bench, also made by my stepdad, in the next couple of weeks.  Then I focused on side chairs.  I thought a parson would be best, simple, can be slipcovered, and easy to find.  Enter: Target. 

Their new Threshold line is fabulous y'all! So the chairs went on sale for $65 a piece; I had a $10 giftcard for a couponing outing the week before; and their Cartwheel app had 5% off dining chairs...oh, and I have a Red card, so I save 5% on everything everytime.  A deal I could not pass up.  These went into my car easily. They were in boxes.

 Here they are! Perfect. I can get slipcovers from anywhere to suit my decorating desires!
As I said above, they came in pieces in boxes. I had to put them together! Well, ok, I could have waited for C but he was on a long work trip.... I didn't want to wait! I had waited long enough.  I started putting them together in the garage. Everything was together, all pieces fit, screws were tightened...or so I thought. When I got them next to the table and upright, I could feel they were a little loose, a little unsteady. So I un-velcroed the bottoms and went back to work. It was so weird. All of a sudden, pieces moved ever so slightly and fell into place. Screws that would not turn anymore earlier, did! Then they were sturdy.  As I sat testing out my new chairs, I started to think.... Wow, there's a life lesson in there. Someone wanted to teach me something that day. I clearly had patience (with some things)...I had a lonely table for almost a year....but I learned to expand that patience into other areas of my life.  I learned that you may think things are how they are supposed to be, but a minor change may make all the difference.  That once something gets into it's proper location, you'll really see what needs to happen.

All that from a couple of dining chairs from Target!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


So. Have you ever had one of those moments where you just think to yourself "what am I supposed to be doing with my life?" I have. This moment has lasted for awhile now. And at times it is worse than others.  I've been trying, hard, to find the answer to that very question. No, I have not yet found it.  I've been uninspired for some time now.  Hence my little (ok, not so little) absence. I'm working on that inspiration though! Just check out this board on Pinterest.

I've had many moments in the last year or so where I've felt as though I am not participating in my life, just riding along. For example, there are some things I would have done differently with the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I think it was an absolutely fabulous day and I was (& am) incredibly happy. But, if I would have had more time, some things would have been better. And I mean time spent at home or planning instead of working like crazy and having a looooong commute--not more time as in a longer engagement.  I would have had more involvement in making my sister's baby shower wonderful. C & I would have gone on a vacation. It's been years since we've taken one. No, not even a honeymoon.  

How do you know when you've found the right career? Is it like finding the one you're supposed to marry? I know how that feels. Will I just know?  Hmmm....I guess we'll see!  Below are some of the things I've pinned that have kept my mind wandering and pondering.

          This one really got to me. It was almost exactly what I had been thinking and feeling.

                                   This is what I'm focusing on! What's too grand? Nothing!

Take this journey with me.  Better yet, tell me your journey. How did you know you were doing the thing you were meant to do? If you're not sure yet, tell me that, too!

Tomorrow: what I learned putting dining room chairs together. :)