Wednesday, February 23, 2011

and... part 4!

maybe this weekend I'll have a minute to actually start shopping for some of these things~!

skirts, pt 4!

So, I couldn't find the Jessica Simpson heels from the original skirt post, so these worked.  That's a belt above them :)  and  I added to extra option of the black shirt to use as a different option.  BUT the point of this was... to show how to wear a sparkly skirt for day. Add a grey sweater! Which is what that is, but short sleeved.  Of course, a slouchy boyfriendy long sleeved one would work beautifully too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skirts, pt 3!!

Are y'all tired of seeing skirts yet?!  I just love love love them, especially for the spring when all the new colors and prints come out.  And they're SO versatile! Anyway, here ya go! part three~

Skirts, pt3

Again, created with Polyvore.

I actually have a denim shirt Very similar to these, that I got from Walmart, for $1. Yes, one.dollar!  Crazy, I know! The only difference is the shaded area that looks like a second pocket was there, mine simply has a pocket in that spot....However, how easy would it be to wash that shirt a few times and remove a pocket?!  For one dollar!!! And now that I think about it, I have shoes like that almost, from American Eagle from two years ago.  Dang...  I just need to get a skirt like that, and that most fabulous coat!!!  
:) :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Skirts, pt2

Skirts, pt2
Skirts, pt2 by AshlieE84 

Just imagine the shoes are in blue stripe like the hat :)  Cute right?! I want to wear this one day in the Bahamas when we go!! love~  :)

How was your weekend? Get any shopping done?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skirts, styled-Pt 1

So, here is one outfit.  So cute.  Girly with stripes that are oh-so-trendy right now... Which, I happen to LOVE! :)  Two belt choices.  The skinny braided one is something I think everyone should have in their closet.  I couldn't resist the other one though, it has paisleys on it!! So I will be searching for something similar...and will probably wear it all.the.time.  =)
Welcome warm weather!
created with Polyvore

Sorry about that extra shirt up there.... I'm new to this whole Polyvore situation...and still learning! Thought I got rid of that shirt~  Oops!!
And for some reason, the clarity of this pic doesn't look so good.... But.. It's a pinky, peachy floral chiffon tank (I think it said it was from American Eagle) and a gray top, with ruffles and a string tie at the top~ with a ruched waist. 
I love to mix colors and patterns in unexpected ways, like the pink shirt with blue stripes, it creates interest!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 days of Spring Skirts

So, here is what I will be looking for in the following weeks for spring skirts~ And shoes, really.  Aren't they fab?!

In the coming days I will style them with tops & accessories.  Yay! :)

7 days of spring skirts (& shoes!)
(created on Polyvore)

What are you shopping for??

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dream V Day Outfit~

Dream V Day Outfit~
Dream V Day Outfit~ by AshlieE84 featuring wood wedding rings

(Plus flowers) :D

Love, Love, Love

A few weeks ago (2 to be exact) I was going through my list of "Daily Reads" and hopped onto "Blonde Episodes" ---PS, I just love blogs with 'blonde' in the title :) <~~~~ that's what they always make me do!

Anyway, she was doing a guest series, "What is Love?" and this one was the first.'
Go check it out.

As I was reading through the post, at what love is to the guest blogger, I smiled a lot, laughed a little, and then started thinking even more. ***all in time for what... Valentine's Day!!****  C & Me, we are those things she described.  We do them.  All of them.  And I started to think some more, about this man, this Love of My Life.  And yes, we are (relatively) young, and yes we bicker (ok ok fight, :D ), and he knows to make me scream (in not a good way)... but I know, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, that he IS the Love of My Life (yes, with caps) =)  There is not a better person, for me.  He has allowed my real self to come out of it's hiding spot, where she lived for so many years before.  He let's me breathe, and scream, and get upset, and think, and talk things through.  He helps me up and holds me there when I fall, he indulges me everyday, and he fell in love with Paisley as quickly as I did... and didn't tell me no when I wanted two more :)

So, C, Happy Valentine's Day!  Although, like I told him yesterday, I don't think people who love each other should just wait until V Day to do something sweet and be thoughtful.... it should be an all the time thing. V Day should, in all reality, be just another day...However~ since everyone loves it, and I am a romantic sometimes.... There you go. =) 

a montage of the last 12 months, or so.  (it would've been TOO big if I had done one of the last 3 years :)  )
Happy V Day to everyone!  Hope yours is filled with love and laughter~
PS; Say a prayer for my friend and his family today as his Mom is having surgery.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm rockin' out to... :)

As I was leaving the gym last night, my FAVORITE Tom Petty song came on (to be named shortly) and I turned my car stereo up so loud and rocked out... dancing, singing, the whole 9 .. So I decided..
Why not share the songs I'm obsessed with right now :)
I know this blog is "supposed" to be about shopping... but good music puts me in a good mood which generally leads to shopping!  =)

Here is what I realized I was obsessed with last night~
30 Seconds to Mars--"Closer to the edge"

Colourslide--cover of "You Got Lucky"

The original "You Got Lucky"

Kenny Chesney--"Somewhere with you"

and as always, "Push" by matchbox twenty-- my all time favorite~
What are you listening to lately that you just can't get enough of??

Happy shopping!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

(P)interested.... in my weekend~

So I had some lovely posts I wanted to do this week.....and was hoping to start the week off right by doing one today~ However---since it is STILL raining (& by raining I mean pouring and creating lakes in the dog parks...) I am highly unmotivated.

We had a good (rainy) weekend though~ We went & visited my sister in Orlando, had Giordano's Pizza, and went to IKEA!! Yay!! C had never been, I told him it was A LOT to handle.. He didn't get it til we were three rooms in... then he says "ok, I'm overwhelmed" :)

We found tons of cute stuff, though, of course~ I decided on a great kitchen design for when we buy/build/remodel towards the end of the year.

Guess who liked which one..... Ok, I'll help ya~ :) He liked the bottom... and to compromise, we picked the cabinets in the top. With a gorgeous marble-y, sparkly countertop. My sister & I told him that the kitchen he looooveeeddd (which is not the one pictured here, but so.close) looked like a bachelor pad from 1987 LoL
Anyway~ so we bought some good storage things and redid our pantry..which I'm so in love with now!!!

In other news... I recently found Pinterest through other bloggers, and was invited to join when the site went public. Are you on there yet? Because you should be. I just joined. Like, 10 minutes ago. In. Love. You will spend countless hours there, however, be warned!!

Come. Join. Follow me :) and PIN!

My Pinterest

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain, Rain go away!!

So, the last two days have been completely nasty around here~ Yesterday, humid and rainy, today, cold & rainy... the next 3-4 days... some sort of variation of those two.  Blech.  I've had next to zero inspiration.... I have spurts however when I sit down and read all of my 'daily reads' :) :) then I want to jump up and decorate and redo my closet and find new ways to wear things, etc etc etc. 

I went into an antique store yesterday to waste 10 minutes. I typically don't like antique stores too much because why pay $35 for  a dish I can find at Goodwill for $.50!? Anyway, I was in a part of the store that had cute old armoires and hutches.... and what did I find....?

Authentic West Point military jackets!!!!!!! OMG! there were, I don't know, 4 or 5 different ones.  I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was trying to be discreet  ;)  But now I'm kicking myself for that.  Soooooo..... that's what I'll be combing thrift stores for now!  You know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the military style pieces...and this is REAL not style!  Buuutttt.... they were each $150, which is why I don't currently own one of those jackets and will be looking other places :)

with these shoes, which PS, I'm now obsessed with...

Happy shopping!!!