Friday, May 27, 2011

70's Dreamin'~

no, not the decade.  Ok, well maybe the decade a little {I am reading Steven Tyler's new book afterall....}..but the weather!  Why is it when it's cold out I'm wishing it was 95 and when it's 100 I'm drooling over 60's-70's wardrobes.~  Ughhhh.....
Lately all I seem to be Pinning is this type of outfit!!  Take a look..

I would add boots w/ cute white & gray socks that peek over the top
Looks comfy to travel in

for running around, staying warm, and still looking fab.

Right?!  I just can't help it.. I want to wear all of these now!!! But the steamy {read: incredibly humid!} southern summers don't always lend themselves to that....!  :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yo ho, yo ho....

A Pirates life for me~ 

So.  Saw the new Pirates 12:01 Friday AM.  Yes, C went with me.  He's good :) 
And it was SUCH a good movie!  A little weird, a little dark.  And Captain Jack was a little too clean for a pirate, he needed some more dirt on his face..however, you simply cannot mess up Johnny Depp.

And it got me thinking...ok, obsessed...with pirate-y clothing again.  I mean you know how I feel about military style ... well, I'm that way with pirate style also.  So much so that I was one for halloween several years ago. 

The pirate blouses, corsets, leggings, BOOTS!! hats, big messy hair, lots of eyeliner...  Love love love.

So here's what I'm currently buying...
$39.  It's supposed to be part of a costume but I love it! (go to my pinterest to find source.)

I would absolutely wear this.. minus the headband and gun~ :)

Ditto.  $16.99.  Yeah, getting in like 3 colors.

amiclubwear again.  $26.  Love the brocade

OMG.  This came from a costume site via google but I'm in love,for real.  I know i have way too many boots.. but do you see these?!  Yeah, need.

I already have big jewelry, leggings (of course), hats. etc etc.  It is, however, 100 degrees... so I don't know how piratey I will be getting in the near future...

Oh, speaking of Pirates...
we saw Kenny Chesney recently!!!!  Just love him.  We had a blast.
 Me & C @ pre-concert tailgateCute right?! :)

love these 2... my 'family' from a job several years ago.

"All my friends are pirates.  That's just who I am"

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So, I have a crazy week ahead.  The w.h.o.l.e. family is coming to my house {condo} for Mother's Day lunch tomorrow.  I've been cleaning~ and by cleaning I mean scrubbing every.single.hard.surface in this place...and we have wood floors, so there ya go. :)  No biggie, it needed to be done anyway.  Then Monday I'm headed to Austin for a work conference, and flying out super early Thursday to go to Jacksonville for a Kenny Chesney concert {which I'm SUPER excited about!!!}.. stay tuned for pics :)

While riding in the car for 2.5 hours the other day, I made a list of what I'm loving right now.. so I could share with y'all!!  Here you go!

Flats {which is weird because I live in heels--C is 6'5" afterall}
And they're super cute with rolled skinny jeans, crops, etc.
Black diamonds-- no, it's not code for something else :)... I've become obsessed with the jewel.
Maxi dresses~ you all know my plight with these..however, I've found some that work! Hooray! The striped one I ordered yesterday and the red one I bought {for $10!!!!  Both from Forever21}

White. Everything.  Rooms, bedding..which is not that easy with C & 3 wiener girls :)
Office in new house inspiratio

Peonies~ My very favorite

Rings!  Lots of rings.
Tropical-y Clothes.  See Calypso line at Target~ They are simply fabulous, and affordable.

And keeping in line with the above, I'm loving dressing for summer!!

100% totally me.  I LIVE in cutoff jean shorts in summer...and what better to top it off than a blazer! Perfection. This is my new summer uniform.
Pinterest.  Yes, Still.  I'm obsessed.  And sad. The iPhone app is out in a few days...and we got rid of our iphones a few months back... I'm awaiting the Android app announcement!
{check out Pinterest here}

Statement necklaces.  They've always been a fave of mine, but I have a renewed love for them.

I'm So trying this soon... bracelets on a velvet string as a necklace. So fabulous!
Cardigans.  I know, weird.  My mom is a huge fan..of black cardigans.. she probably has 100.  I, however, like ones with color....and patterns.  I make them young, of course :)

Oh, and a new-ish obsession of mine is not paying a lot for groceries.  I have never been one that likes to pay a lot for food because I'd rather spend it on clothes... my sister would die if she read that. We are 100% opposite in that aspect... but anyway.  I search the different grocery stores sale papers and match it with coupons.  it's amazing how much I'm saving!!  It's such a thrill now  :)

So what are you loving now?  And wish me luck for tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Navy...~

Sooo......  I have barely sat down for like 2 weeks.  Even on the weekends! NO, I'm not complaining, juuusssttt sayin'.   so I apologize my 2, or maybe 3, readers :D

Anywho~  Ok. Preview of my {promised} closet makeover!!
Pink chandy!!
Cute right?! Totally me. Totally girly. Yes, I know the bulbs are exposed...and I like it!  It's a little industrial thrown in with the Barbie-esque I like so much!  Wait til you see the rest.. this weekend ;)

And now... More of What I Wore.  And I loved it.  My boss, on the other hand, was like "really? ok...whatev"  He went with it :) Maybe because he didn't have a choice, lol, and maybe because he knows I'm a little off and love love love clothes & fashion etc..and know more about than his butt :) Either way... here ya go

Um, yeah.  Excuse me here.  I'm not used to this whole camera-on-a-timer-self-portrait thing :)  Just hang in there with me please!

{kind of} shirt detail.  buttons had a rhinestone in them. Lots of pleating & ruffles.  Fab-u-lous.  And to think, I forgot I had that shirt!!

Great great great buttons!

Shorts had sailor buttons. 
 Ok, ready for this.  The jacket came from Goodwill! For $5!!!!!!   I brought it home and had it hanging just inside my closet on the right side where "needs to be dry cleaned" stuff hangs for a bit.  C walks in there and goes "where'd you get that jacket" I told him.  Him: "really.  It's a Navy jacket." Me: mouth hanging wide open. Him: "yes, like an actual US Navy jacket."  {you see, he used to be a sailor.  He served our country in the US Navy for 4 years... So he's seen a few of these jackets}  He said it's a Yeoman's jacket (which he had to explain... apparently it's a secretary type.. but whatev  I have a real live NAVY jacket!!!!).  I cannot even express my excitement to know I know owned a for real military jacket.  You know how much I LOOOVVVVEEEE the military style. And $5. Heck.Yes.

So, Jacket {it deserves a capital :) }  $5 Goodwill
      top:  prob $12, Forever21, maybe 3 years ago?
      shorts: $10, Forever21, a month ago
      booties: $9.99 Ross, January-ish

See ya tomorrow!!  :) :) :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you going to?

"she said baby, it's 3 AM I must be lonelyyyy"  mb20 (my fave) 

Let's hope Kate Middleton isn't thinking this tomorrow morning :)

So, who's getting up super early to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow?
I do NOT plan on it...however I tend to have serious sleeping issues sometimes, so if I wake up...... who knows! lol

They are a cute couple

From the wedding program

And it is truly a Cinderella story.. ok, maybe not really.  It's not like she was scrubbing floors recently.  Buuutttt I did watch that movie  True story, ask my mom :)  and who doesn't want to wake up normal one day and go sleep a princess?!  Anyway, congrats Will & Kate!!!!

The original :)
PS:  I hope y'all had a Fabulous & Blessed Easter!!

PPS:  There are some super exciting things workin' over here...!! Can't wait to share with y'all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hi, How's your week?  I hope it's going better than mine!  I started Monday by having nothing to wear (because nothing in my closet fits...) to meetings I had that day.  Then Tuesday came... and some things happened and I decided  I was having a week full of Mondays.  and then I got rearended.  Yep. So I've had a week. And it's only Wednesday.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the last time I cleaned out my closet.  This was 2-3 months ago.  So not that long.  And this weekend.... oh, it's happening again. and in a BIG way.  I have have have to get rid of what doesn't fit so that I can find some things that do.  Oh, and while we're at it, Clothes stores: Not everyone on the smaller end of the size scale are petite.  Some of us need long!!!!
Such is my dilemma.....

Ok, back to the topic at out my closet...

Scarves and belts...

Yep, that's 3 separate piles... two in baskets, and one LARGE, several stacks worth, pile.

Closet, after.  Please excuse the dresser--which is now in the process of being redone.  and the aqua paint on the wall. I was trying it out. :)

part of my shoe collection....
My closet is not small.  but I'm not using my very own advice on designing a closet and utilizing it to the best of it's ability.  I know. I'm upset about that, too.  But we're renting until the end of the year.... so.... C limits my house upgrades while we rent =)

above is what I would like to do~ And I know it would take one day, not very much money or effort...but we wouldn't take it with us when we move, so.  I'll wait patiently until we do move....

I'm excited to show y'all my closet redo though when it is finished.. You know, paint on the back wall, the sprayed chandelier..all that good stuff.  Hopefully I'll be done with it this weekend!

Oh, and I hope your week is fabulous and mine gets better....!!!!

:) :) :)

Happy closet cleaning!