Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you going to?

"she said baby, it's 3 AM I must be lonelyyyy"  mb20 (my fave) 

Let's hope Kate Middleton isn't thinking this tomorrow morning :)

So, who's getting up super early to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow?
I do NOT plan on it...however I tend to have serious sleeping issues sometimes, so if I wake up...... who knows! lol

They are a cute couple

From the wedding program

And it is truly a Cinderella story.. ok, maybe not really.  It's not like she was scrubbing floors recently.  Buuutttt I did watch that movie  True story, ask my mom :)  and who doesn't want to wake up normal one day and go sleep a princess?!  Anyway, congrats Will & Kate!!!!

The original :)
PS:  I hope y'all had a Fabulous & Blessed Easter!!

PPS:  There are some super exciting things workin' over here...!! Can't wait to share with y'all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hi, How's your week?  I hope it's going better than mine!  I started Monday by having nothing to wear (because nothing in my closet fits...) to meetings I had that day.  Then Tuesday came... and some things happened and I decided  I was having a week full of Mondays.  and then I got rearended.  Yep. So I've had a week. And it's only Wednesday.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the last time I cleaned out my closet.  This was 2-3 months ago.  So not that long.  And this weekend.... oh, it's happening again. and in a BIG way.  I have have have to get rid of what doesn't fit so that I can find some things that do.  Oh, and while we're at it, Clothes stores: Not everyone on the smaller end of the size scale are petite.  Some of us need long!!!!
Such is my dilemma.....

Ok, back to the topic at out my closet...

Scarves and belts...

Yep, that's 3 separate piles... two in baskets, and one LARGE, several stacks worth, pile.

Closet, after.  Please excuse the dresser--which is now in the process of being redone.  and the aqua paint on the wall. I was trying it out. :)

part of my shoe collection....
My closet is not small.  but I'm not using my very own advice on designing a closet and utilizing it to the best of it's ability.  I know. I'm upset about that, too.  But we're renting until the end of the year.... so.... C limits my house upgrades while we rent =)

above is what I would like to do~ And I know it would take one day, not very much money or effort...but we wouldn't take it with us when we move, so.  I'll wait patiently until we do move....

I'm excited to show y'all my closet redo though when it is finished.. You know, paint on the back wall, the sprayed chandelier..all that good stuff.  Hopefully I'll be done with it this weekend!

Oh, and I hope your week is fabulous and mine gets better....!!!!

:) :) :)

Happy closet cleaning!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're baaacccckkkkk!!

We went cruisin' this weekend.  =)  And now.... C has already been planning another for July for his birthday!  And this is from the guy who said no to Biloxi because he "doesn't like to do it up" for his birthday.  HA! 

We had a great time~ Eating, drinking, soaking up the sun, a little shopping, a little gambling :) 
And congratulations Alexandria & Aaron!!! (she is Paisley's Godmother :) :) :) )
So here are some pics from our trip...

So clearly this is the dress I wore to the wedding.  It was so cute.  One shoulder, the other one has a long flowy sleeve thing.

New cruise friends :)

Strawberry daquiris   Cheers!

Drink in a coconut monkey!  Yessssss!!
Ok, so, my dress that I wore the first night (which, I can't believe, but I don't think there are any pics!!) and to the wedding are from a local new store, Three Thirty Couture.   It wasn't what I envisioned wearing, but I loved it! So, there ya go  :)

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll share with y'all what I'm doing with my closet now.... think huuuugggggeee spring cleaning...of the whole house actually=)
what did y'all do this weekend?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yes, I know I may be 3 months late in making a resolution.... However~ I am.  =)

I tend to have a style more Carrie Bradshaw (I know I talked about her yesterday, too, sorry... I do love her though!!) than what fits in my little ol' college town.  Just last week C & I ran into a new boutique that opened up here to look for some things for the cruise (that is in 2 days..yippee!!).  We got to talking to the cuuutteee couple that opened it.  They decided to open it here because the husband says he feels like people forget to dress once they cross into the county lines here.  No one wears dangly earrings (except me, on a daily bases) or heels (ahem, again, me, daily).  And I had to simply agree.  Now, that day I was wearing yoga pants and tennis shoes.  and I  outside of the gym.  So ironic that they caught me on that day. It was on one of those horrendous rainy days and I had spent the morning at the vet with one of my girls.. I know, excuses excuses.  I promise though I do not make it a habit to wear tennis shoes.

This whole thing got me thinking (again) about my own style... and how I've been slacking recently because of my surroundings.  I mean, while I like to get looked at, I don't like to get the 'omg, what is she wearing. where does she think she is' mean girl type of looks.  I know, I shouldn't care.. but sometimes, I do!  So, I'm going to work to not care and work to get back to my style. Period. No matter where I am.

I mean, I love big, ruffle collars...
Loeffler Randall blouse

and leggings... with boots (as you all know), wedges, heels, flats (ok I own maybe one pair other than flip flops...but I think it's cute on other people :)  )

and shorts... with all kinds of things~

(I actually have shorts very similar to all of these...and will probably end up wearing them in some version of these outfits !!)

and quirky things~ which is what I would describe myself as..

So.  Here's to me getting back to that quirkiness~ I'll let you know how it goes.  Maybe show some pics of what I actually wear. 

And Here's to one day (soon!  It's coming I know) getting back to the 'big' city where there is some real shopping....!

Monday, April 4, 2011

First gen bloggers

Last week we had three days of horrific, torrential, monsoon-y weather.  I mean, terrible.  Tornadoes.  Hail. Weather that makes you want to curl up in bed with your three wiener dogs and watch movies and eat pizza (unless there is a tornado near by, in which case, run to the bathroom! with a fluffy comforter to throw over you and the dogs in case the roof comes crashing in).
While this did not happen to me during one of those nasty days, it is a nice thought~

If only we could all  look so glamorous in the rain~
Or sit and blog... read them, write them.. lust over them. You know, whatev.
We are expecting more of this type of weather for a few hours tomorrow morning... boo.  However~ I get to use my new Victoria's Secret pink striped umbrella (free with $60 purchase this past weekend, woohoo!!!).  And its H.U.G.E. So it can cover me, my laptop, purse, gymbag (if it's with me) know, all my necessities.

Sex & the City reruns are on E! right now.. and I'm watching while doing other things... and there is a scene where Carrie is sitting in front of her Mac (much like I am currently) in front of her window in NYC..and it's raining.  and she's typing.  and it made me think.... She started this, too.  Like many fashion trends, and dating rules, and friend rules, and drink trends.... Carrie Bradshaw may have unwittingly started a blogging trend.  To which, I am ever grateful.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Painting party!

I totally should have named this blog Shopping & Living Blondely~  Eh, but oh well :)

So today I had a very productive day... it started well, then I paid all the bills (hate it when I have to do that, you know? I'd just rather spend it other ways!!), ran some errands..including picking up (finally!) the paint for our bedroom.  yay!!!  I was super excited.. so I came home and immediately got started. 
After I brought up the paint and all the things to trim the walls, I realized... omg I don't have any roller heads or paint trays.  Niiiiccceeee....  So what did I do?  Paint with a 2" paint brush!  Oh, yes, I did. 

You see, I've decided to live a most fabulous life inexpensively =) 
I mean, why not?  I've kinda become addicted to saving... and still shopping.  Love it!  Anywho~ I knew it'd be difficult.  but, I have to tell you... I almost like it better than painting with a roller!!! It's SO much less messy and looks better I think.
So what color is it?
Dolphin Fin
It looks great on the walls.  I painted the bathroom a few months back white & Dolphin Fin stripes and it is so Fabulous! 
Our bedroom walls used to be green.  Lime green.  or apple green.  whatever. and there was an accent wall (which are my fave... please sense my sarcasm.  I do NOT like them.   I feel like you should be bold & brave enough to do the whole room.... I know I know, a ton of people like them and have them.. and that's fine.  But one day, maybe TRY and paint the whole room.  You'll surprise yourself.  Trust me)... Anyway....the accent wall was also green... just a little bit darker. We have lived in this lovely green room for months now..and I've been holding off painting so we could just be in the space and I could decide what color would work best... and this is it!

Remember when I made an Olioboard as inspiration?
I don't think I'm going to use 'blush' as an accent anymore. but I can't be sure. When I figure it out, I'll let you know~

PS: I have to tell y'all this... I know gray is THE color right now... however, I wanted to paint our bedroom gray for a VERY long time now.  Ask my mom, sister, or C.. they'll tell ya =) I was waaaaaay ahead of the trend.

How was your Saturday?