Thursday, January 2, 2014

a Pinterest aha moment

Like many of you, I have the Pinterest app on my phone. I use everywhere--probably dangerously so. I walk and do it, I do it while having conversations with whomever, I watch TV and do it. Addicted? Yes! I've been on Pinterest since it was in its beta days (I'm quite proud of that! :) ). And have looooooooved it ever since.

The other evening, on my way home from work, a Pinterest notification popped up on my phone.
Now, let me back track a bit. I have been having some difficult days at work recently. Not that my job is particular difficult, it is decidedly not. But I do have a staff and I do work with the public.  And sometimes those things really get to me, as they have recently. So as I'm coming home this certain evening, I'm a little stressed, and letting every little thing get to me. In those moments I tend forget the good things and focus on the bad.  So when I get the notifications that someone pinned one of my pins I generally scroll down to see what pin it was.  This is the pin in that moment that had be repinned:
black painted cabinets. grey walls.  turq accents.  Love.
I pinned this 2.5 years ago. With the caption: Black painted cabinets. grey walls. turquoise accents. love.

See it here.

Just a seemingly normal kitchen pin. Except its not.  This is my kitchen! Ok, not this exact kitchen. But same layout, same builder, same black cabinets, same wall color. And I did not realize this until that night.  Here is my actual kitchen:

See? Same kitchen! Pinterest is a vision board! Realizing I was living in the kitchen that I drooled over a few years back snapped back to reality. It made me focus on the positive after that dreadful day.

Ok, I'm off to cook dinner in this kitchen!

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